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What’s trending 2020

Tomorrow’s design trends to drive today’s flooring innovations

Colors, sizes and shapes, oh my! 2020 design trends, according to top design firms, are going to mirror the needs of the consumer. Sustainability will remain an important factor in all areas of design, and biophilia will continue to make its mark. Relaxing and earthy hues will dominate the color block — when pops of color aren’t. Geometric, retro and irregular shapes are where we’ll see our patterns lean in the coming year, while textural fabrics are set to bring comfort to commercial.

Stacey Olson, director of sustainability

Materials: “With embodied energy projected to be as significant a contributor toward human- generated greenhouse gas emissions as operational carbon, the topic of materials is a critical one. Whatever the material, designers will be tasked with finding solutions that minimize the total impact.”

Flooring: “One environmental trend leading flooring product selection is recyclability. With only about 5% of all carpet ever being recycled, specifying cradle to cradle tile products vs. cradle to grave products and broadloom is the smart design strategy.”

Arjav Shah, associate, senior interior designer

Colors: “Colors of relaxation and calm will likely dominate designs in 2020. Gray is very popular and makes an ideal base for blending saturated colors to create more complex mixtures that have a cool and calming effect. The usage is not overwhelming and is ageless in nature.”

Flooring: “Sourcing innovative flooring products that have an excellent environmental story and can benefit wellness is a focus. The overall needs of the user drive selection and design, and I look to complement the architecture of the space, which then dictates all finish selections. I love to work with customizable flooring products so they can meet the needs of my clients.”

Allison Chann, interiors project designer

Textures: “There is an industry focus to protect nature and to create design elements that allows people to feel closer to it. Natural colors and textures found in natural surroundings will be noticeable in 2020.”

Flooring: “Clients and the design community are looking for manufacturers to not only provide beautiful and functional products but to also be responsible in their trade practices through reduction in their carbon footprint, utilizing renewable energies and offering a cradle to cradle design model for their products. Finding resources that are taking responsible efforts in their global impact is a must in specifying products.”

Monica Knapp, interior designer
Colors: “Olive, indigo, rust/terracotta, warm gray and blush. I’m seeing these in fashion collections.”

Rachael Bauer, senior design lead ID/senior associate
Shapes: “Playful, geometric shapes as well as organic and less predictable shapes and patterns. Flooring patterns will start to feel more organic, less rigid and tie back to biophilia as well as playfulness.”

Lissa Goetz, interiors designer/associate
Materials: “Organic, hand-touched textures like ceramic and plaster. Natural woods will also remain popular.”

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