Tarkett introduces latest Jhane Barnes soft surface collections

Solon, Ohio—Tarkett introduced Blockade & Soundblock, a soft surface collection designed by designer Jhane Barnes. The collection features bold geometric patterns created using custom technology, and two soft surface styles in Powerbond and modular platforms that offer flooring solutions for office, education and hospitality spaces.

With mathematical formulas as her guide, designer Jhane Barnes mastered the art of making structured patterns appear random and unpredictable. Barnes’ designs are created with the help of her own custom programmable software filters. By defining an algorithm that determines color placement and then shifting and rotating layers of the pattern on top of each other, she is able to manipulate the final aesthetic each time she adjusts the numbers.

“There is a randomness at work, which is why I can never get the same design twice,” said Barnes. “That’s what makes it so much fun. I can keep changing the factor numbers and get new designs every time. I created over a dozen patterns before I finally settled on the one that became Soundblock.”

Barnes has included 12 colors in the Blockade palette, with seven modern neutrals and five branding accents. Eight of those colors are repeated in the Soundblock palette, helping the two work easily together throughout a floorplan.

Both Blockade and Soundblock are available in Powerbond, as well as 9 x 36, 18 x 36, and 24 x 24-inch tiles. When installed as Powerbond, Blockade requires no matching at the seams for faster installation and minimal waste.

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