Nora’s Enlighten Collection sparks creativity, supports safety in learning environments

Nora’s Enlighten Collection combines jovial and safe design requirements for today’s learning environments.

“At Nora, we recognize the significant impact floorcoverings have on K-12 facilities and are committed to providing products that help create safer schools and support students as they learn, play and grow,” said Tim Cole, vice president of marketing at Nora Systems, Inc., as the company rolled out its new Enlighten Collection. “The product does just this, creating safe, inspirational environments that enlighten young minds and encourage creativity so that kids can be kids.”

The Nora Enlighten Collection consists of Norament Jubilee and Noraplan Stone premium rubber floorcoverings, and a selection of Norament round and hammered stairtreads. Working together, these floors bring a complimentary palette of neutral and fun, vibrant colors and durable, low-maintenance flooring solutions to busy entrance areas, student-friendly classroom designs, heavily trafficked corridors and connecting spaces, and primary emergency routes in stairwells. The result is inspirational learning spaces that offer excellent acoustics and good indoor air quality for improved concentration levels and better health among students and staff.

Norament Jubilee offers a hammered surface and granulated look for a timeless appearance and blend of durability and versatility. Combining bold hues sprinkled with vibrant pops of primary and luminescent colors with excellent wear abrasion and ergonomic properties makes it a preferred flooring for a wide array of applications in education facilities.

The rich textures and durability of stone are the inspiration for Noraplan stone. The flooring features a non-directional, scattered granular pattern for an understated appearance that complements the design of education facilities.

Rounding out the collection, Norament round and hammered stairtreads contribute to a safer environment thanks to an all-in-one pre-shaped stair nosing, riser and tread. Like all floors in the collection, the low-maintenance, slip-resistant stairtreads require no finishes, coatings or harsh chemicals and are designed to stand up to heavily trafficked stairwells.

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