Nature inspires Invision’s new Outside In Collection

February 03, 2017

Meadow is a 24 x 24-inch carpet tile inspired by flora.

Inspired by the essential need to connect with nature, J+J Flooring Group’s Invision brand introduces its newest collection, Outside In. Featuring two modular styles and one broadloom, each product is designed to coordinate with the other and can be arranged in various formats to create an array of fresh design installation possibilities.

Outside In’s 13 colors of calming blues, serene greens, woodsy browns and revitalizing reds combine with various organic design elements — such as florals and grasses — to invoke feelings that rejuvenate, motivate and promote well-being. The result is a flooring option made for senior living and healthcare environments, and markets as diverse as retail and corporate.  The collection satisfies today’s essential need to introduce natural elements within modern buildings and structures, which can positively affect emotion and mood.

Grassland, a 12 x 48-inch plank, mimics wispy blades of grass blowing through a rolling terrain. Sculpted by the action of wind, rain and sun, tall and shorter blades of grass appear across humid pampas, savannas or the more temperate prairies, scattered with mosses and lichens that richness to the pattern. Each plank comes together to create a serene flooring installation.

Inspired by sunlight peeking through trees, Canopy’s design brings additional warmth to broadloom.

Meadow is a 24 x 24-inch modular tile inspired by the tranquil blanket of flora, a tapestry of blossoms found lush and
leafy after the rain. Its organic and medium scale pattern allows for an effortless flooring design.
Canopy draws its inspiration from the effect of sunlight filtering through the opening of sprawling trees, revealing a framed backlit mantle. The inviting broadloom features a large-scale pattern in which pockets of dark and light intertwine as the sun peaks through the broad crown of a shady tree.

Each Outside In product is constructed with a textured loop pattern and created using J+J’s 100% Encore BCF solution dyed nylon with ColorLoc Plus stain resistant technology.

Meadow and Grassland are made with J+J’s Nexus modular backing, while Canopy is made with J+J’s Premier BacPlus backing system. All three come standard with ProTex Soil Release, a proprietary fluorochemical technology that impedes soiling and improves cleanability. They also include lifetime performance warranties for fiber, yarn and backing systems. Additional backing, adhesive and technologies for anti-microbial and advanced odor-blocking options are also available.

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