J+J Flooring Group unveils Foundry

February 03, 2017

 New 24 x 24-inch Kinetex product combines industrious aesthetic with high performance centered on human qualities

J+J Flooring Group’s textile composite flooring brand, Kinetex, introduces Foundry. Forged from the perfect imperfections of aged concrete surfaces, Foundry offers an alluring aesthetic and an industrious energy.

Foundry brings an industrial aesthetic to J+J Flooring Group’s Kinetex.

Foundry’s essence comes from its ability to interpret the look of stained concrete, evoking industrial spaces. Thirteen colorways with infused color set against a complementing neutral background create a fluid flooring design for a variety of end-use environments.

As with other Kinetex products, Foundry was developed with human-centered properties in mind. The result is an advanced floorcovering that offers exceptional durability, comfort, acoustics, safety, maintenance, sustainability and health benefits.

Foundry comes standard with PreFix, J+J’s pre-applied releasable adhesive. Fully integrated with the unique Kinetex backing, the system allows for increased adhesive performance.  It also creates a highly breathable tile that can be installed on concrete with RH levels up to 99%.

Foundry is constructed using Universal Fibers polyester applied pattern that provides rich, long lasting color with superior stain resistance and wear performance. Certified as a high-traction product by the National Floor Safety Institute, Foundry — like all Kinetex products — is one of the most slip resistant flooring surfaces tested today. Its low profile offers minimal rolling resistance, thus mitigating possible injuries from pushing and pulling. Foundry also has one of the highest Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) and Impact Insulation Classifications (IIC) rating of any commercial flooring product, resulting in dramatic reductions in both airborne and structure borne noise.

Foundry is made using 55% recycled content. It is fully closed-loop recyclable and certified to NSF 140 Platinum standards. All Kinetex products meet the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus certification for low indoor air emissions and come with a third-party Environmental Product Declaration.

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