Web Exclusive: Creative Collaborations

The industry is full of helpful collaborations and we’re highlighting four that have created design-centric flooring lines.

Flooring manufacturers partner for design inspiration

Product design is integral to the success of a new flooring collection. Whether planks, tiles, carpet or LVT, style is always a key driver. As such, flooring manufacturers are looking to the creative community for new inspiration. Designers, designer firms and even artists are partnering with flooring manufacturers to develop eye-catching, on-trend product lines suited to the needs of the commercial building sector and its eye on design.


Camélia Rose

by Virginia Langley, fashion textile designer.

The Camélia Rose carpet collection is a Durkan Specify for the Cure PDI (precision dye injected) collection. Specify for the Cure supports Susan G. Koman’s fight against breast cancer. All patterns are also available in Durkan’s Definity technology.

“Both the Rose and Camélia flower over centuries have been a symbol of longevity and purity, and the rose is especially symbolic of love and passion. In the Victorian Era, when pink and red Camélias were sent to someone, it meant that you were the flame in their heart. To all the women who have gone through suffering or loss, who show us and inspire us with their beauty and strength ... to me, you are all ‘the flames in our hearts.’” –Virginia Langley.

Shaw Contract

Natural Choreography

designed in collaboration with Rockwell Group.

Explore the art of nature’s sequential movements and expressive transitions between scenes with Natural Choreography, a collection of two products designed in collaboration with Rockwell Group: shear 0945V and cut 0922V. These two unique visuals allow this hard surface to pair seamlessly with most Shaw Contract and Shaw Hospitality carpet tiles.

“Rockwell embodies a hospitality approach that has appeal across many segments. We have an existing relationship through previous collaborations and were curious to see what the outcome would be for a hard surface product. Rockwell set the foundation by presenting the idea of a product that merged materials; brass and wood, marble and metal. By using familiar materials, but creating a product with a twist, the end result was an adaptable, yet unique approach to resilient flooring.” –John Crews, manager of the Lifestyle Studio for Shaw Contract.

Mannington Commercial


inspired by the ethereal art of Gabriel Dawe.

The Moiré collection brings a dynamic sense of color and light to modular plank and broadloom. Dawe’s art uses miles of thread in delicate color gradations to form unique shapes that evoke the spectrum of light. The moiré effect is inherent to his work. Layers of lines and shifting colors ripple with new patterns as the viewer’s perspective changes.

The collection captures this creative possibility of the moiré effect at a variety of scales. Touches of high-luster yarn create light within the designs to enhance the sense of dimension. The collection is crafted to help designers bring artistic energy and an inventive use of color to their spaces.

“When people encounter my installations, something happens. Instead of thinking of what they’re doing they go to that place, almost like going back to being a child and seeing something for the first time. It’s been a fantastic experience. I didn’t expect it to be so authentic, peeking into one of my installations. To see it translated like that into flooring products its really exciting.” –Gabriel Dawe


Offset & Balance

by Suzanne Tick, textile designer, studio principal and consultant in New York City.

Inspired by the unfinished and exposed raw materials used for industrial printing techniques, Offset and Balance create a casual sophistication that doesn’t feel heavily designed. Both styles create the illusion of having a fuller texture and provide outstanding performance with permanent stain resistant properties. With an agile approach to design and the convenience of QuickShip, these two styles work together to bring industrial resourcefulness to any project.

“More and more, we are seeing the repurposing of unused or underutilized suburban spaces. These serve multi-faceted functions, marrying their original structures and materials with updated ideals. Offset and Balance reflect that translation of industrial material to innovative function by nodding to practical techniques and rendering elegance.” – Suzanne Tick

Mannington Commercial’s Moire collection. See below for more info

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