Web Exclusive: Nydree Flooring’s acrylic-infused hardwood breaks the mold

May 13, 2019

From a more durable design to on-trend colorways, Nydree Flooring’s acrylic-infused wood is sure to turn heads. Jason Brubaker, vp sales and marketing, sat down with GO to discuss the evolution of wood within the commercial sector, the company’s infusion process and the product’s overall commercial charm.

Jason Brubaker

GO: How has the use of wood in commercial projects evolved over the years?

Brubaker: The use of wood has gone through various cycles over the years. Wood was extremely popular in commercial projects 15 to 20 years ago, but with the rise of HD vinyl flooring the use of wood in commercial projects became more niche. Now, there is resurgence in commercial spaces because of some of the issues and health implications associated with vinyl. Additionally, people are desiring the use of real/authentic materials in commercial spaces to bring warmth and character to commercial interiors.

GO: Explain the process of acrylic infusion and its major benefits.

Brubaker: Our unique acrylic infusion process evolved from using various forms of acrylic infusion to what is today an innovative and efficient process that is unique to Nydree affording maximum performance of finished products. Acrylic infused wood is more than three times more dent resistant than non-infused wood. This makes a floor look better, longer in high traffic spaces. Heel indentations are greatly minimized or totally non-existent with an acrylic infused wood floor. This allows the end customer to avoid costly maintenance over the long term and allows the customer to use real wood without switching to an imitation material.

Nydree’s Prestine collection is acrylic-infused but topically finished with all natural WOCA oil.

GO: How does acrylic-infused wood suit the commercial building industry?

Brubaker: The commercial building industry is interested in the life cycle cost of a building so with the reduced maintenance costs of acrylic infused wood this saves the customer money in the long run. Commercial building owners also want their flooring to hold up well to increase resale value of a building, improve shopper experience in a retail setting, and improve tenant satisfaction in a corporate space so acrylic infused flooring continues to perform well and doesn’t look unsightly under high traffic.

GO: Which applications or commercial sectors would benefit from using your products?

Brubaker: Hospitality, corporate, senior living, retail and public spaces benefit the most from using Nydree products. These are all spaces that require a high-performance floor, but they also need the aesthetic to be world-class. These spaces are public spaces that evoke emotion in the people that use them and contribute to the emotional experience of customers (like in a hotel lobby) so there are no other environments where products must look great but also need to perform.

GO: How do your products support current design trends?

Brubaker: Nydree is known for manufacturing high performance wood flooring with various colorways and custom capabilities. Our new Pristine Collection is acrylic infused but topically finished with all natural WOCA oil that lends itself to the subtle colorways that are currently on trend. Oil finishes allow the beauty of the natural wood grain to show through the finish, and colors can be fine-tuned to desired opacity. Our narrow 2 2/3-inch wide planks meet designer demand for narrow plank, whereas our 7 ½-inch wide meets the wide plank demand.

Nydree’s Prestine collection is available in 18 colors, including Sorrel, seen here.


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