Crossville launches Familiar Territory porcelain tile

Crossville, Inc. launched Familiar Territory, the brand’s latest porcelain tile collection.

Crossville, Tenn.— Crossville, Inc. launched Familiar Territory, the brand’s latest porcelain tile collection. The line was developed to answer specific market demands.

“We heard designers ask for a new soft, subtle stone-look tile that can work both commercially and residentially,” said Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s VP of marketing. “Likewise, the market expressed the need for a collection that offers a high-end elegance at a calibrated value. Familiar Territory hits the mark on both counts.”

Familiar Territory is offered in a 12 x 24 calibrated field tile, bullnose and cove base trims, and a 2 x 2 mosaic. Its five earthy, neutral colors—Créme, Taupe, Sand, Mahogany and Iron—are enhanced by thin, multi-directional striations inspired by the appearance of quartzite and shifting sands. These hues are what Waldrep described as having a chameleon-like effect. “The tones can shift from browns to warm grays depending on the light and surrounding colors,” she explained.

Each of the five colors is offered in two finish options, Cross-Sheen unpolished and Crossville’s first-ever semi-polished for a calibrated collection. Cross-Sheen finish gives a slight glow to an unpolished surface that enhances color and makes it very simple to remove scuffs, stains and even permanent marker and graffiti from the tile’s surface—a great alternative for high-traffic interior floors and walls where low maintenance is desired.

“We called this collection Familiar Territory because designers will return to it again and again for so many projects,” Waldrep noted. “There are endless possibilities thanks to its go-everywhere style that morphs from upscale to casual depending on the design of which it’s a part. It has a simplicity, and that’s just what makes it an amazing foundational option for whatever designers might envision.”

Familiar Territory is manufactured in the U.S. It contains recycled content and is Green Squared certified.

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