Bleutech Park Las Vegas

Bleutech Park to revolutionize mixed-use design

Bleutech Park Las Vegas is looking to redefine the mixed-use environment and alter the future of construction design.

Las Vegas— Bleutech Park Las Vegas, slated to break ground in December, is looking to redefine the mixed-use environment and bring life to new technologies to alter the future of construction design, according to Bleutech Park Properties, Inc. (Bleutech), a real-estate investment trust sponsoring the build.

The $7.5 billion smart city will feature workforce housing, offices, retail space, ultra-luxury residential, hotel and entertainment spaces. It will also showcase energy generation and storage, waste-heat recovery, water purification, on-site waste treatment and localized air cleaning, introducing a new high-tech biome to the desert valley. The net-zero buildings within their own insular mini-city will feature automated multi-functional designs, renewable energies from solar/wind/water/kinetic, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, supertrees and self-healing concrete structures.

Flooring systems within Bleutech Park Las Vegas will capture and reuse the energy of human movement throughout the park including common areas and parking structures. Resources for heating, cooling, lighting and electricity will be harvested on-site. Bleutech Park buildings will be connected to a broader highly sustainable network of supertrees allowing a 95% reduction in imported water consumption and an opportunity for improved biodiversity.

“We look forward to playing an integral role in this ground-breaking initiative, which will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to its guests and visitors,” said Mike Grigsby, of Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities group. “It will push the envelope of innovation and bring together technology solutions that once seemed like pure science fiction. The convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities in a project like this challenges the way we define both of those solutions. It opens our thinking to what is truly possible and reveals just how expansive the connected communities concept really is.”

Job creation is anticipated to exceed 25,000 jobs and provide on-the-job training programs with the latest technology to train the construction workforce of the future. Significant efforts to bring Made in the USA manufacturing jobs to Las Vegas for the Bleutech Park project will contribute to the total number of local jobs in the Las Vegas Valley.

Bleutech also aims at tackling issues such as affordable housing through the development of Workforce Housing. This unique approach intends to serve the housing needs of people employed in jobs that the general population relies upon to make the community economically viable, such as nurses, police officers, teachers, firemen and multiple others within a description of service to their communities.

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