Tarkett launches Essentialist carpet, LVT collection

Tarkett launched the Essentialist collection, a modular carpet and LVT line ideal for a variety of healthcare and workplace environments.

Solon, Ohio— Tarkett launched the Essentialist collection, a modular carpet and LVT line ideal for a variety of healthcare and workplace environments.

The Essentialist Collection is said to reflect the societal movement toward mindfulness and simplification for holistic wellbeing. The Essentialist collection was created out of a pursuit of a floorcovering that is, at its very essence, stripped down to beauty, performance and purpose, the company said.

The collection has been designed for a tailored yet cohesive experience, the company said, where multiple flooring materials connect for better outcomes for people and environmental enhancements. It is said to be both comprehensive and streamlined, to simplify the design process and the therapeutic nature of the finished space.

“Within the Essentialist Collection, Tarkett was driven to discover and develop products that embody the true essence of what is meaningful to the human experience of today’s purposeful, connected, experiential spaces. The result is a carefully curated selection of style and performance that is meant to welcome end users with a unique mix of texture, color, pattern and modularity,” said Terry Mowers, vice president commercial design. 

The Essentialist collection features coordinating modular carpet and LVT designs.

The collection offers three patterns — Savant, Saveur and Substance — each in a variety of coordinating colorways. Savant is a balance of pure geometric and organic aesthetics. Its bold weft and warp freehand strokes impart a soft, timeless visual. Saveur has a large-scale geometry that dissolves into its ground texture featuring a familiar argyle-like feel. Substance offers a simple, straightforward design that will serve as a versatile canvas over myriad interior spaces without seams or other visual distractions.

The collection also includes three coordinating LVT designs — Hued, Interlocked and Parisian — that will soon be added to Tarkett’s Collections Infinies, a customizable portfolio of digitally printed designs.

The Essentialist Collection is available with ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology backing, which is Cradle to Cradle certified Silver and ILFI Living Product Challenge Imperative certified with a Health and Happiness Petal, and made with PVB film from recycled windshields. It includes Eco-Ensure soil protection technology, a fluorine-free chemistry that is Cradle to Cradle certified Gold Material Health. It is also recyclable through the ReStart reclamation program.

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