Starnet welcomes John Herbert Company

Starnet has added John Herbert Company to their partnership.

Columbus, Ohio— The Starnet board of directors approved the John Herbert Company to their partnership. Dedicated to excellence in commercial flooring, all Starnet new members are chosen for their commitment to the highest standards of performance and service excellence along with the shared goal of growing and improving the commercial flooring industry, according to the partnership.

“Starnet continues to demand the highest qualifications for membership in our cooperative,” said Mark Bischoff, Starnet president & CEO. “Starnet only admits the finest full-service commercial flooring contractors that are committed to deploying superior installation expertise, project management and customer service. Our members unlock all of the value in quality commercial flooring products, ensuring the project is done right the first time to the customer’s satisfaction.”

The John Herbert Company was founded in 1954. It operates in the suburban counties north of New York City as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. For Starnet, the partnership said, the John Herbert Company is an important strategic addition in the critical market area. The company complements a strong group of commercial flooring companies in the metropolitan New York City area and fills a gap between this group and their members operating in upstate New York markets.

“We are pleased to be affiliated with Starnet and we look forward to the opportunities which come with our membership,” said Paul Hoffner, president and owner of the John Herbert Company. We are committed to growing our business and we recognize the benefits of affiliating with the strongest network of commercial flooring contractors in North America.”

Photo: Paul Hoffner – CEO of John Herbert Company

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