New “Impact for Aging” Toolbox elements now available

January 18, 2017

J+J Flooring Group and The Center for Health Design Partnership offer free access to senior living facility design resource

In partnership with The Center for Health Design, J+J Flooring Group announced today that four elements to the Center’s new “Impact for Aging” Toolbox are now available for public use at the Center’s website:

The first of its kind, the “Impact for Aging” Toolbox focuses on the critically important and growing area of senior living facility design. Elements within the toolbox provide designers, facility managers and medical professionals with materials needed understand and implement the best possible solutions to support the challenges an increasing senior population brings to healthcare environments.

J+J’s partnership with The Center allows professionals and non-professionals alike to access and use all of the Toolbox elements for free through December 2017.  Typically, selected portions of The Center’s various toolboxes are free and open to the public, while The Center’s Affiliate+ members have complete access.

Toolbox elements now available are:

  • Executive Summary and Issue Brief – Under the umbrella title of “Universal Design: Designing for Human Needs,” these two resources describe the current state of aging and associated health outcomes. Information about universal design and sustainable design strategies that support aging and human needs, inspired by environments for aging, is also included.
  • Universal Design Strategies Considerations Checklist – This tool supports a universal design approach to environments for aging populations and is structured around three sectors of the built environment: home and community (residential), healthcare and workplace.
  • Design Strategies for Aging – Aging often involves a multitude of changing needs and priorities. However, there are human needs and desires that remain constant throughout the course of life. This tool provides the design strategies needed to address basic physiological and safety needs, but also higher-level human needs as well.

Additional Toolbox elements that will be added later in the year include: webinars, expert interviews, project case studies, lessons learned and blog articles. As the principal provider of healthcare design research and education, The Center and its staff create and curate each resource with the goal of connecting the built environment to better health outcomes and reduced cost of care.

“We’re excited that these four Toolbox elements are now available for anyone to use between now and the end of the year,” said Keith Gray, director of applied research for J+J Flooring Group. “We share The Center’s passion for providing expertly curated information to help people make more informed decisions, particularly when it comes to healthcare and spaces to support aging populations.”

J+J Flooring Group has extensively promoted the principals of evidence-based design and human-centered metrics through the creation of continuing education units, technical documents and product research. It has been a dedicated partner with The Center since 2012, sponsoring events, including its annual Research Coalition meeting, and contributing to its mission by providing technical information and research findings.

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