Metroflor expands “LVT specialists” marketing platform

New video campaign features staff specialists

As a follow-up to its 2016 marketing campaign, “Metroflor – The LVT Specialists,” Metroflor Corporation is unveiling its “Meet the LVT Specialists of Metroflor” campaign for 2017. This will be a new series of videos accompanied by digital ads spotlighting the expertise and passion of its staff, as each explains their role as one of the company’s LVT specialists. A total of 10 “Meet the LVT Specialists of Metroflor” videos representing diverse functions — from design, shipping and customer service to sales, technical and sustainability — will unfold throughout the year.

“These new videos explain exactly why and how we are the LVT specialists,” explained Gary Keeble, director of marketing. “Each person featured brings something unique to the table that adds value and credibility to our position as the category’s product authority. We expect this 360-degree view of our company and our talented professionals will build even more confidence and trust among consumers, retailers and distributors alike for doing business with Metroflor.”

The series will kick off with Episode One featuring Metroflor’s Owner and CFO Harlan Stone describing how the company’s focus on innovation drives the business to constantly pursue the next innovation in LVT. In Episode Two, Metroflor’s Director of Design Robert Langstaff will explain the process by which Metroflor creates its vividly authentic LVT designs. And Rochelle Routman, chief sustainability officer, will explore what sustainability means to her, while articulating Metroflor’s global accomplishments and goals in Episode Three.

The videos will be spotlighted across the company’s social media platforms, on and the Metroflor LVT YouTube channel.

Harlan Stone on Innovation: “If you look at the products and the development of our company, there’s innovation everywhere. But it starts with what’s in your heart and with your willingness to take a risk.”

Robert Langstaff on Design: “The creative process is truly a fluid one. There is a reason why we pick designs and colors. It’s based on where trends are going, but also on what our consumers and distributors give us as feedback. We have a broad range of indicators to track what’s going on in color and design, so that we’re always ahead of the curve.”

Rochelle Routman on Sustainability: “Sustainability means my company is looking out for future generations, that we are not just considering the present day and the people who are living on the planet now. We’re thinking about the people coming after us. How can we incorporate those ideas and that philosophy into the products that we make and our customers use?”

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