Encore Hospitality Carpet introduces the Allure Collection

Encore Hospitality Carpet, a hospitality division of Brumlow Mills, is introducing its Allure Collection, an attractive array of 12 highly designed broadloom styles made with Zeftron nylon, a premium branded nylon 6 yarn system. Featuring innovative textures, colors and large and small pattern sizes, the collection meets both the style and performance needs for a variety of hospitality environments.

Encore's Allure Collection
Encore’s Allure Collection

A bold departure from many of today’s flooring options, the Allure Collection is aesthetically distinguished by its sense of the unexpected. Many products — some featuring large geometric patterns and others in smaller, more traditional grid styles — appear to have no repeat patterning. Colors seem to indiscriminately fade in and out, appearing and reappearing with different intensity. Each product in the collection is also defined by a weathered, distressed appearance, providing added visual intrigue. Multi-level cut and loop surface textures, each varying by pattern, create more appeal.

Nine contemporary colorways are available with hues ranging from rich tans and deep browns to subtle greys and intense yellows.

“With more than 100 standard options to choose from, the Allure Collection can help designers make a unique design statement for virtually any hospitality project or space they might be working on,” said Richard Heaver, president of Encore Hospitality Carpet.

The dynamic styling elements of the collection are made possible through Encore’s state-of-the-art Infinity manufacturing technology and Zeftron nylon, a solution dyed nylon 6 that offers superior styling, performance and recyclability advantages for commercial carpet products. Allure products are ideal for guest rooms and public areas, including corridors, meeting rooms, ballrooms, lobbies and dining areas.

Designers can begin the process of creating the perfect carpet for their project on the Encore website, where they can select patterns, colorize their designs and see how their carpet would look in a three-dimensional room scene. They can also download the room scene, as well as a color swatch, the colorways and a spec sheet to a PDF document.

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