California to protect funds supporting carpet recycling

This week, California’s governor signed into law AB 729.

This week, California’s governor signed into law AB 729, which will protect funds supporting the carpet recycling law (Assembly Bill 2398) that started nearly a decade ago. California is currently the world’s only jurisdiction holding carpet manufacturers responsible for ensuring carpet has other post-consumer pathways than going into landfills, though other states have similar legislation currently proposed. The new law will ensure the ongoing funding of California’s recycling program and help to move the state towards a more circular economy.

Interface, a soft and hard surface flooring manufacturer focused on sustainable manufacturing and design, offered several tips for designers seeking to utilize the legislation. According to the company, the legislation can be used to make a difference in creating a more circular economy to help mitigate climate change.

  • Make sure you include post-consumer recycled content requirements in your purchasing criteria.
  • Ask critical questions of carpet manufacturers to ensure they have active recycling programs. Ask for details on what happens after the products are collected for take back.
  • Encourage more carpet recycling whenever you have the opportunity to do so – raise it with your customers on refurbishment projects and talk about it with general contractors.

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