Interface launches Second Story carpet tiles

Atlanta—Global modular flooring manufacturer, Interface, has launched Second Story carpet tiles, with color palettes ranging from pure tonal to multi-hued yarns with light, medium and dark values.

Playing on the concept of individual perception, Interface’s Second Story collection is a study in how textures can transform the experience of a space in a highly nuanced way, the company said. The four patterns in this collection, Sublet, Duplex, Classic Seven and Brownstone, connect to one another through common threads of ideas and color and complement one another through subtle changes in scale, loft and contrast, the company said.

Second Story is comprised of eight color groupings that range from pure tonal to multi-hued yarns with light, medium and dark values influencing what users see in each. Ideal for design headquarters and sophisticated professional services interiors, each of the four patterns cover the floor in a monolithic way, said to quietly finish the space without overwhelming the eye.

Second Story, as with all Interface products, is part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors program, which zeroes out the carbon emissions associated with the life-cycle of its products.

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