Cersaie updates branding to reflect evolution

To reflect the many changes the show has undergone in recent years, as well as broader developments in the world of architecture and design, Cersaie is adopting a new image.

Dubbed “Open Cersaie,” show officials said the new logo represents a space where ideas, designs and energy can flow freely. It reflects the exhibition’s main values: building relationships, discovering new ideas and innovating for the future.

In addition, the new logo was created to give Cersaie a more comprehensive and institutional brand architecture capable of meeting the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. The image is connected visually with Cersaie’s most important initiatives aimed at the various target audiences: the Building Dwelling Thinking program of architectural meetings; the Cersaie Business missions for international architects; the Design and Lifestyle meetings hosted in the press cafes; the practical and theory demonstrations in Tiling Town; the Italian style thematic shows; and the home renovation meetings for end consumers in Cersaie Designs Your Home.

The same open vision is found in the image strategy and media plan, which aim to establish Cersaie amongst the key international events for innovators and to reach out to new audiences through increased investments in the digital sector. The Cersaie website has also been restyled, featuring larger homepage sliders with more visually-appealing images and greater space devoted to videos and the site’s social media profiles.

According to show officials, Cersaie aims to transform from an exhibition venue to a relational space. The offline and online worlds merge together and communication becomes conversation. New relational dynamics can be developed before, during and after the show, then continued throughout the year to maintain a constantly high level of interest and attention. Social media plays a vital new role in this communication strategy as virtual spaces where Cersaie can forge a powerful identity and open its doors to exhibitors, visitors, influencers and the city itself.

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