• Innovations in LVT

    Summer 2016 By K.J. Quinn Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is bursting onto the scene of nearly all commercial sectors — and with good reason. Now sporting a greater variety of styles, patterns and sizes, the product is reported to be the fastest growing commercial flooring category today. Last year sales were estimated to have increased 8% to 10%, and there is a similar spike projected for 2016. Obviously expanded aesthetics

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    Linoleum’s shift in the marketplace

    Summer 2016 By Jana Pollack Linoleum was invented in 1855 and has been a key flooring material ever since. But over the past 50 years the category has reinvented itself from a solely residential product to one that today is almost exclusively used in commercial spaces. “I think if you were to go into a house built 50 years ago that still had its original floor covering, there’s a good

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    Aquafil’s Econyl provides a clean promise

    Summer 2016 By Jenna Lippin The innovative Econyl Regeneration System from Aquafil is based on sustainable chemistry. With this process, the nylon contained in waste like carpets, clothing and fishing nets is transformed back into raw material without any loss of quality. It is common knowledge that waste is a by-product of any industrial production. Aquafil asked, “What if we could somehow turn this concept upside down?” This is exactly

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    Crossville introduces Satori Collection from Laminam

    Crossville, Inc. has launched Satori, a Laminam by Crossville porcelain tile panel collection bringing an awakening to the design of surfaces with luxe, varied looks suited for floor and wall applications in commercial and residential environments. “Satori is a Japanese word meaning enlightenment — a bestowing of greater knowledge and understanding,” explained Lindsey Waldrep, vice president of marketing for Crossville in describing the inspiration behind this new collection. “As building

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    Aquafil’s Econyl: The Companies Using It & The Products They Produce

    Environmental awareness is obviously a key issue in the flooring industry today, and carpet manufacturers are constantly striving to find innovative and cost-effective ways to stay in the green. Many are beginning to utilize Aquafil’s Econyl fiber, which uses nylon waste materials to create new products. The objective, according from Aquafil: to reduce the amount of global waste by collecting it from landfills and oceans, and feeding it back into

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